Molly Segelin (at Blissful Healing) is a very skilled masseuse…I can not recommend her highly enough! She is strong…very…and gives vey deep, strong massages. She is knowledgable, deeply caring, and invested in the work she does. Although I am sure she can do very relaxing massages as well, to me, her real talent and skill lies in helping with injuries and problem areas, and massage for maintaining overall health…not just for relaxation. A number of times she has brought me from muscular issues where I was barely able to walk …to being mobile, more comfortable, and functional – just from a massage from her.

– Molly Walsh

Molly is my favorite body worker that I have been to yet (and I have seen numerous as our family often does trades). She is incredibly intuitive and her work often addresses and heals deeper issues that are connected to the more surface symptoms that I come in for. Most recently, I had acute backpain that was so severe that I was unable to pick up my daughter or move around as I normally do in daily life. Molly’s work was intense and powerful. Immediately after I felt a deep setteling in my bones and a sene of restoration. The following days I had increasing mobility, and I have not had a flare up since almost 9 months later. Truly, I can’t say enough.

– Cori Chandler

This detour-worthy practice is located in downtown Burlington, Vermont, on Church Street. I stumbled upon the owner, Molly Segelin, during a desperate Google search. My neck had seized up so badly I couldn’t look side to side, and I cried whenever I had to engage my back muscles. I was in such bad shape, it took a couple of sessions to get back to 100 percent, but I left that first one with 90 percent of my mobility back and 100 percent of my pain released.

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– Michelle Hollenbeck,

“Molly has been the massage therapist at Williston Chiropractic and Sportsmedicine since the fall of 2002.  Her skill of massage therapy and knowledge of the body makes her stand out from other practitioners.  Many patients here see Molly regularly and report how effective she is in helping them on their path to wellness.   My wife, a physician herself, feels that Molly’s work is some of the best soft tissue care she has experienced.  Molly’s positive and energetic personality shines through her work.   We are very grateful to have such a skilled massage therapist and caring person in our office to refer patients to”.

– Dr. John J. Bisaccia
Chiropractic Physician
Certified Sports Chiropractic Physician
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
Immediate past President of the Vermont Chiropractic Association

“I am writing this to share my delight and appreciation in Molly’s work at Blissful Healing. I have been seeing Molly for massage and bodywork for about 9 years.

Her integrity and dedication to her practice is more than obvious. She continually is adding new techniques and adding to her expertise. From only massage she grew to add reflexology, Reiki, La Stone, pregnancy massage and more. Her blend of grounded, balanced energy, combined with her intuitive sense and educated understanding of the body creates an atmosphere for true Blissful Healing.

Molly loves her work and it clearly is reflected in the outcome of each session. The way she knows my body and has changed her techniques as I have changed and needed different work throughout the years is worth it’s weight in gold.  Bodywork for me combined with a wholistic lifestyle, is part of my own personal “health insurance”, and I am truly thankful knowing Molly is as dedicated to my well being as I am.

As a wholistic practitioner, I feel confident in referring Molly to my clients who are looking for a trusted body worker.

Thank you Molly!”

– Leyla Bringas
Founder/Director/Aromatherapist at Lunaroma
Pure Botanical Perfumer
Pure Products Formulator

“Molly cares for and treats the whole person. Not only has she tamed
the chronic trouble spots in my upper back, her holistic approach has
been an essential force behind bringing my stress under control and
feeling human again.”

– Rich Miller

“Molly Segelin is everything I want and need in a massage therapist.  She is present and intuitive without being invasive.  She can find aches, pains, and pulls almost without my having to say anything.  Despite Molly’s petite size, she puts plenty of gentle power behind her massage technique.  I love going to her studio.  There is an energy and peacefulness there that I rarely find anywhere else — including my own home”.

– Sebastian Ryder

“I am simply amazed at how effective Molly”s deep tissue and hot stone
massages are on my lower back problems. Her energizing work has kept
me coming back faithfully, two to three times a month since 2003”.

– Paul W.  Westmore, VT

“I have been receiving professional massage for almost 30 years. Since 2004, I have been working every month with Molly to get the kinks out. Her steady strong hands, high energy and reassuring presence create the opportunity for healing on many different levels. The addition of stone therapy has created room for deeper work and has been a great addition to her practice. On a cold winter day it’s hard to beat a warm stone gently heating a sore spot.”

– Scott Simpson, LICSW

“A Hot Stone Massage with Molly is more than a massage with stones…it is a spiritual journey.”

– Sabrinajoy Milbury
Just Dancing Gardens and Greenhouse

“Massage with Molly is more than a massage: it’s a restorative, transporting spiritual journey.  ‘Blissful Healing’ is right!”

– Tim Nitz

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